Mustang Paste is able to revive the leather and bring back tasteful looking wrinkles. The greatest benefit of Mustang Paste is that it can protect the leather against damage from drying out, while maintaining the original look of the leather.

Mustang Paste can be applied directly by hand, as it is made of 100% natural oil and does not cause any damage to the skin.


Maintenance results

Before conditioning: The boots were dirty with dust and mud, the leather looked dried up.
After conditioning: The original look of the beautiful black leather is restored.

Before conditioning: The leather of these Danner boots was severely dried out.
After conditioning: The original gloss and smoothness has been restored

Mustang Paste is useful for every kind of leather, even for something as delicate as sheep skin
In the after conditioning photo it might be difficult to see, but the color, gloss and smooth and tender quality has been restored.

Before conditioning / After conditioning

The leather wear on the cuff does not show anymore and original color and gloss of the jacket has been revived.

Before conditioning / After conditioning

The vintage riders jacket which has never been conditioned and was very rough
and stiff because of wear and tear through wind and rain.

After conditioning the leather quality has totally changed, now soft and tender.

Before treatment, the jacket was dirty and the colors faded out. After the care treatment, the colors and condition has improved a lot.

The leather label of the jeans (often made from sheep skin)
often gets cracks caused by repeating wash, but with Mustang Paste, you can preserve the smooth quality of the leather.

When using Mustang Paste regularly, the label keeps the original look and ages tastefully.