Revival of Retro American Style Oil - Restore the original look of rough and tough vintage leather

In the good old times in America, natural animal oil was applied directly on the leather to keep it smooth. We revived this genuine and simple leather care style. With this method, the original look of the leather is maintained and it ages very tastefully to give it an appealing vintage look over time.

Mustang Paste uses 100% pure natural horse oil. The horse fat which serves as the base for our oil is selected very carefully by breed and purified by hand to keep all active ingredients. It is a tedious process to guarantee we only use the best to create our oil which is especially designed for leather care.

The effective ingredients of the oil such as natural minerals and vitamins help to prevent the deterioration of the leather.

Mustang Paste does not contain any chemical ingredients such as solvent, acrylic resin, emulsifier etc., which are common in other present-day leather care products.


Mustang Paste can be used on following kinds of leather

Horsehide, Cordovan, Cow, Bull, Buffalo, Sheepskin, Lambskin, Deerskin, Goatskin and more.

Mustang Paste is suitable for the rough and tough leather of flight- & rider jackets,
workwear & western boots, as well as sports jackets and more.


Product Features

● The simple but effective traditional leather care style is ideal to maintain the smooth and sleek surface of the leather and enable it to age gracefully over the years and give it a tasteful vintage leather look. The look of the leather can be influenced, depending on way it is conditioned, as e.g. similar to the look of a washed-out denim, the leather can be treated in a way that will give it a wilder look, or it can be conditioned so that it keeps its original smoothness, flexibility and beauty. (Detailed usage instructions are included with the product).

● Out of a broad range of animal oils, we decided to use horse oil, as it has the highest penetration, similar to mink oil. Mustang Paste is made almost 100% from horse oil. (Even Cordovan, which is extremely difficult to penetrate because of the thickness of its leather fiber, can be penetrated and soaked deeply with the effective ingredients.)

● Mustang Paste has more effective ingredients than other leather care products from vegetable material which is suitable for skin leather, because the animal oil has the same base as animal leather products.

● The volatility of animal oil is very low and it is a very high endurance substance, therefore it can maintain the original condition of smooth and soft leather for a long time, and be able to protect from cracks and other damage because of lack of oil and moisture.

● The horse oil we use for Mustang Paste is made from very rare and high quality raw materials which are produced from horse fat from the city of Kumamoto, which is famous for its traditional horse culture.

● Most leather care products are petroleum based waxes which use conventional glazing and coating type methods on the surface of the leather. Mustang Paste is designed as a full-fledged care product that penetrates the leather and works from the inside.

● Can be used on leather shoes, clothes, bags and other leather fashion items, leather seats and sofas for cars, as well as general sporting goods made of leather.

● Can be used on most kinds of animal leather.
Horse (Horsehide / Cordovan), Bovine (Cow / Bull / Buffalo), Sheep (Sheepskin), Deer (Deerskin), Goat (Goatskin) leather in general, such as mammals. (Cannot be used on brushed suede, nubuk leather, metallic leather types, reptile leather.)

● Tannin & chrome leather finish can be maintained, by choosing a tanning mixture.

● Can be used on smooth leather, split leather, leather soles, leather saddles and tanned leather. Mustang Paste can penetrate various processed and oiled leather types.

● Compared to many products using conventional organic solvents and petroleum-based oils, this product is made from ingredients similar to original skin care. It is safe to be applied on the leather by hand without any further protection. It will not cause any harm to the human skin and maintain a very gentle and intimate leather quality.

● Does not contain any petroleum, oils and organic solvents and other chemicals. There is no danger of deterioration or discoloration of the leather.

● A few percent of natural bee wax is contained in the final product of the paste, as it is more efficient when the oil is absorbed into the leather over time, as opposed to the effect of a more liquid type lotion. (It cannot be seen with the naked eye, but as the oil penetrates the leather, a small amount of bee wax remains on the surface of the leather. This should not be wiped off until the finishing polish.)

● When applying Mustang Paste, the result depends on the friction between the hand/cloth and the leather. When done properly, the friction heat generated by the movement of the finger or hand when applying the paste, will change the paste so that it becomes almost as liquid as salad oil. It can then be extended easily, creating a smooth coating and will not leave any lumps, or sticky remains on the surface of the leather.

● Mustang Paste is colorless and can be used for every color of leather.

● The product size is 100 ml, which can be used for about 20 jackets, when doing regular maintenance.

● Matching the user's wardrobe, the package is designed in Retro American style.

● Detailed care instructions included with the product.